My Twin Flame Romance — Part Five

Back To Con — The First 24 hours…

Kiki Lu Johnson


Image by AdinaVoicu on Pixabay

If you haven’t read Part One, I suggest you do that now. There’s some important disclaimers in there I just don’t feel like repeating — so check it out and come back here when you’re done. Kthx.

*** This story involves underage drinking and other things that happened, but probably shouldn’t have. It’s not an endorsement of those activities.

Sierra (Erik’s summer relationship) had gone back to her home state for the new school year, and left him free to play the field. Literally — she made sure he understood that he wasn’t obligated to date her from afar.

Her insecurity became my benefit. We talked as much as possible in the weeks leading up to Con. This was going to be my year, I just knew it.

Erik and I agreed to meet at Con. We had been flirting over the phone, much like we had before that fateful date where he was labelled as a “Ken doll.” In my mind, this was like us having a second date.

Just, you know, wish I had said as much to him.

Falling In Love

They say men usually fall in love in the first few minutes, and that women take longer. I don’t think that’s always true (gender equality, yo), but for us that’s exactly what happened.

He had been taken by me since the year prior. But he was raised to place a high priority on consent, and what the woman wants instead.

I had pretty much rejected him, so in his mind, we were just friends.

At Con, he had been chilling in the lobby with some relative strangers. That was Con, though — you just meet people and move on. He followed us to our rooms and one us had the bright idea to go swimming.

Truth be told, I’m pretty sure he already had swim trunks on in anticipation of this. He’s not great at planning out scenarios, but sometimes he has lucked into having the right whims at the right times.

I fell in love with him in that pool.

We were just swimming around, as kids do, splashing each other and laughing. Until there was a moment I needed more stability than the water could provide.



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