My Twin Flame Romance — Part 30

Reuniting the Flames

Kiki Lu Johnson
6 min readApr 20, 2023
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If you haven’t read Part One, I suggest you do that now. There’s some important disclaimers in there I just don’t feel like repeating — so check it out and come back here when you’re done. Kthx.

Finally, after 30 chapters worth of this story, I reunited with my twin flame.

Sunday morning, well after 4 am, I finally wore down enough to sleep. Texting on Saturday night had been so exciting, we just didn’t want to “pop the bubble” until the sun came up- and by that point, it was by necessity.

Just after noon or so, Sean, my child, and I were supposed to go to my mom’s for dinner with the extended fam. I got maybe five hours of super broken sleep. I think.

I don’t remember the specifics, but at some point, I was told to go take a nap at my mom’s. I was exhausted. The stress of anxiety plus the excitement and sleeplessness of that entire week had taken its toll.

But… I was still so hyped up. What would he be like? How would things go? The questions kept bouncing off the inside of my skull like tennis balls.

Time crawled that day, too. Never have I experienced a day so slow- before or after.

And Then, I Was Knocking On His…



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